Some basics on taking your wipers off . . .

Man, did my wiper arms need painting:

Open the hood, don't use the prop. Use a 14mm socket to undo the bolts.

Bolts look a bit rusty:

Close the hood; bend the wiper to the up position. You can now gently rock the wiper loose of it's bolt:

These are the teeth that determine the position of the wiper up/down:

Notes on re-attaching the wipers:

Put them on in the "down" position
The driver's side wiper should be just below the black part of the windshield (almost hidden from driver's view)
The passenger's side wiper will be slightly in view
Put the nuts back on "finger tight"
Carefully tip the wiper up, making sure it doesn't move up/down from the position you selected.
Finish tightening the nut with your fingers
Put the wiper blade back on the glass
Open the hood (above the prop position)
Tighten the nuts with a rachet


Here's my painted wipers with flat black; maybe I should have done gloss: