Top Secret Project #2: Automatic Headlights

I got a Directed Electronics 545T Nite-Lite System for under $35 from Amazon.

Basic Principals of Auto Headlights in the Gen2 CR-V:

  • The switch is nominal draw (under 3 amps) for high, low and parking lights.
  • The colors of the wires may seem incorrect until you pull the wires out of the sheath, where you can see the original color.
  • The high/low position will switch the headlights appropriately.
  • Pin 7 drives the headlights (ground switched)
  • Pin 13 (Blue) drives the parking lights (ground switched)

Implementation of the 545T in the Gen2 CR-V:

  • DRL function is useless as it just leaves your headlights on; potentially on high beams.
  • Path light function doesn't work; not sure why.
  • Wiper sense is not yet understood

Kill Switches

  • "Off" switch implemented on dash (see bottom pictures)
  • DEI Micro Relay added to splice kill from parking brake
    • pin 85: wire to brake switch
    • pin 86: wire to 12v constant
    • pin 87: wire to -null-
    • pin 87a: wire to device that needs 12v
    • pin 30: 12v that will be delivered to device at pin 87a

Splicing Wires:

  • Always leave at least 1" of shielding before the plug.
  • Carefully strip 1" of shielding off of the wire NOT CUTTING THE WIRE
  • Separate the strands into 2 sides (forming an eye)
  • Put tapping wire into "eye" and squeeze it close, then twist tap wire around splice
  • Tape two shielded parts of the wire together in parallel (to remove tension on the joint)
  • Solder with a 25-35 watt iron
  • Let cool and wrap with electrical tape

Not that you can see much, but here's the pictures; the module is actually mounted behind the cluster: